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@gonewest818 I’m sorry I don’t have any experience on running JVM on lambda so I can’t help you further. 😞 I have strong background with Lambdas and Serverless Framework with Node but this clj/cljs stuff is what I’ve just started to look into.


During the weekend I successfully used to deploy my first lambdas written in cljs. I tried both lein-cljs (jvm) and lumo (node) compilers and they both worked without any hassle 👍. I’m quite excited about the fact that I can now use the superpowers of Serverless framework and write the functions themselves in a language that I actually like. Serverless requires Node to be installed and lein requires jvm. But if I used Lumo to compile I’d probably only need Node. However tooling seemed to be way more mature with lein. On the other hand if I’m just writing lambda functions I don’t really need all the fancy frontend targeted tooling and I might be happy with just the REPL that Lumo provides. Still need to figure out how to hook that into emacs though.