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hey guys. so turned out that Minio did not work so well for me a while back. TL;DR: since I already had a partial impl of a Cassandra plugin, I went ahead & implemented checkpointing in it too. To get it working, I ended up needing to hack the onyx code to include it in the info model & schema defn. Is there a better way or a plan forward for this sort of thing? If not, would you be amenable to either adding a :cassandra or :custom (or :some-thing) key to the :onyx.peer/storage choices and the Storage schema enum to eliminate the need for a one-off?


@brianh Yeah, we should definitely loosen the specs to allow for custom implementations. Happy to take a patch for it if you can swing it.


sure thing


I dont think the information model has to change, but I would imagine the Schema definition was materially problematic?


not entirely sure, tbh. i started this a bit ago and may have changed the info model unnecessarily. i'll double check things & reduce it down to the minimum change needed to get it working


one of these days we will also get our GCS impl added as well, lol


i know how that goes 😉


Cool, should slot in nicely if we adjust any overly-constrained schemas. The rest is driven off of multimethods.