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Any suggestions on best practices for monitoring/metrics for onyx? I have setup riemann/influx/grafana and have proven I can manually connect to riemann and get events into influx. What are some key values that we should look out the keys onyx can send events for ?


Is the monitoring config still the 3 param in the start-peer call? It looks like this is the env-config?


or does the monitoring config supposed to be added to it?


@michaeldrogalis: Yeah, I am looking at that. Wasn’t sure what all the metrics are and whats the most useful


Also it says to pass the config in as the third param into the start-peer but that looks to be the env-config


@camechis: That's an error in the docs, we moved it a couple of versions ago.


We help with monitoring/metrics and tuning under commercial contracts. There's too much to explain in chat. The cheat sheet names most of the critical values emitted from monitoring.