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Is there a general consensus that ligatures are good? I find them superfluous and occasionally confusing as they obscure what's actually underneath.


Also, redundant diareses. Ugh. I read some article where the author added diareses to everything, such as naïve, and I'm like, - why do you want to make your language even more complex? And unnecessarily so, in my opinion, as everyone already knows the regular spelling of the words and (often) would be perplexed on reading the words - is there a reason that the author spells this word in such a weird way? Do they mean to imbue special meaning in this word or sentence? But maybe I just feel that way because English is my second language.


(The latter issue does not apply to FiraCode, it's more of an extended rant really : )


There’s no general consensus; some people like them, some don’t.