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I am putting together an Onyx job for deployment on k8s and would appreciate having a gander at whatever you come up with @drewverlee


Also, just read the blog post about the new static analysis functionality in 0.9.6. I can't help but wonder how Herculean a task it would be to get similar capability in Clojure itself… in any case, great work!


@crimeminister: I’ve had success running our benchmarking suite on K8s, the biggest hurdle we have right now is actually running a scaleable zookeeper ensemble. Kubernetes lacks support for “pet sets”, aka Pods/services with identity. Zookeeper relies on this for configuring an ensemble. I have wanted to integrated the kubernetes service discovery API with something like Zookeeper exhibitor but have not had the time.


If you dont care about that and are willing to manually manage a Zookeeper ensemble, getting up and running with Onyx on K8s is very straight forward.


Thanks for the tip @gardnervickers. Am just getting to the point of spinning things up, and expect to do things the hard/manual way until I have a better handle on things


Feel free to ask any questions, good luck!

Drew Verlee13:05:39

@crimeminister:Sadly, It might be a while tell i can muster the time and knowledge to put a “setup onyx on k8s tutorial”.


I can assist with this if either of you have specific questions, a good starting point would be the current template, specifically moving it off of docker-compose onto kubernetes.


I use this for local development


Kubernetes is something we will target in the future though, it might be some time before we offer Kubernetes manifests included with the template


@gardnervickers: Thanks for the minikube link; I run Linux so I typically run k8s locally off of the release-1.x branch of the kubernetes GitHub repo. This will be amazing for my Mac-using colleagues though.


Not sure if you saw the k8s wiki page for Release 1.3, but it looks like PetSet is slated for that version