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Dang it, re-frame devs! Because of re-frame, I can't go back to using REST and a regular db… I want my backend persistence layer to understand the queries I write against app-db so I have to write them just once on the client, which then sends it to the server to be evaluated. I want my backend to contain a subset of app-db that is seamlessly kept in sync with all clients' app-dbs (I'll make my app support merge conflicts). More tool-building…


@fasiha: I met the same "urgency" and I am trying to use rethinkdb client side for queries, but also thinking about urania for caching and avoiding wasting calls to the server...


Good luck @richiardiandrea 😄 I'm trying out running datascript on server & client both, since queries written on one can run on the other :thinking_face:


speaking on the subject, Have you had success with that @fasiha? I have been looking into Posh( after watching the 'datalog all the way down' talk from clojure/west


@mvaline: I'm stuck on step 0 of trying posh: learn datascript 😛


It's confusing af (to me)


lol, thats about where I am. I'm finishing up an existing re-frame app and then would like to migrate it to posh later on


I was reading in a posh issue how someone used datascript in their re-frame app's subs/handlers, which is what I'd like to start out with.


I'm trying to learn how refs work, how to transact (add) refs, etc. etc. #C07V8N22C is helpful but slow simple_smile


It doesn't help that I'm trying to minimize how much datomic-specific stuff I read/learn, that might be really stupid of me.


yeah seems like it can be tough to get your head around. I'll report back when I start digging in. Good luck