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Drew Verlee13:05:54

i created an issue with the behavior i was seeing concerning engraver. I tried to investigate, but there are too many moving parts for me, for one i’m not sure those logs (in issue) are showing anything wrong. If anyone can help narrow it down then ill try to look into it further:


Thanks @drewverlee. I can't think of anything that could be off the top of my head. Interesting that the Kafka plugin is throwing an exception right off the bat. My first guess is that the topic wasn't created first, but I don't think that's actually necessary.


The tutorial does describe that you should get the same message out as what you put in

Drew Verlee13:05:54

From the readme: > You should see messages stream into the console consumer as writing data through the console producer. maybe it would be more clear if it read: You should see the same messages stream into the console consumer as writing data through the console producer?? i suppose i was expecting the messages to be routed through the onyx workflow. so something like:

producer <- {:messsage “hello”}
<- consumer
{:message “HELLO!”}
If i understand what you said correctly, I guess i’m confused why the tutorial would end without showing the onyx performing the dataprocessing.


I think you’re right, it should do some transformation


@drewverlee: It should be printing out the transformed output. Ill take a look when I can. Might have bitten off more than I can chew with Engraver. I didnt really account for the maintenance period.

Drew Verlee18:05:59

@michaeldrogalis: no worries. I’m sure your overloaded simple_smile. It would be helpful to confirm someone else sees the same behavior i do before i try to investigate further. It would be a better, although embarrassing, if the problem were specific to my setup.


I sort of regret building Engraver, to be honest. I'm not going to delete it, but I might mark it as inactive. It didnt see the kind of adoption I expected, which shows that if people are going to use Onyx, they're probably willing to pony up and use Kubernetes or Mesos for deployment. I think the idea is good, but the adoption rate is too low to justify more effort in it. Ah well, live and learn. At least its an easy way to get set up


My feeling is that it's good but maybe it locks in to the tool a bit much


But yeah, maybe a kubernetes, onyx specific tutorial would be better


I ended up reinventing too much that Kubernetes already has.


I still like the idea of having a defacto command line tool to command the cluster, though

Drew Verlee18:05:13

Thats interesting, obviously focus on the route your customers are taking. My interest is as a hobbyist/academic at this stage, with a very slim hope to move my company towards adoption.


Probably a solid half the stuff I build never goes anywhere. 😛 But I'd never end up writing the stuff that does take hold if I didnt keep hammering away anyway.

Drew Verlee18:05:07

> But yeah, maybe a kubernetes, onyx specific tutorial would be better (edited) This would actual be a great goal for me. As any time i read about mesos, kubernetes, swarm it goes in one ear and out the other...

Drew Verlee18:05:46

is there one of those cloud resource management & scheduler tools in particular that it would make sense to focus on?


Kubernetes would be ideal. simple_smile That'd be super.

Drew Verlee18:05:54

cool, ill try to budget time for that.


Thanks @drewverlee, that'd be a stellar contribution. ^^