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@michaeldrogalis: hi Mike - did you think anymore on our discussion last week?


Hi @raymcdermott. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to do much with it. I've been heads down with a feature that's due to come out next week. After your research, does it look like there will be actual demand for this at your shop?


we are mostly JVM / node.js so it would definitely be interesting. How much it would move the needle in favour of Onyx remains to be seen.


should I really move the conversation to gitter? I hadn’t noticed that you preferred that before just now (maybe that banner is new?)


I'm typically on both, it's fine. Re: Onyx in JS - I have very little free time right now, if your shop wants to get on a call to discuss it in a commercial context, I'm happy to do that. Otherwise I can't give it the brainpower that it needs design-wise


ok, fair enough. I’ll see if that’s possible and get back to you. Thanks for the consideration.


@raymcdermott: Np, sorry I cant help more at the moment.