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hey i'm trying to jump to a symbol definition with M-. and my mode line complains "Previous command was not evil-repeat: previous-line". this is with spacemacs. any idea what's up?


Upon cider-connect followed by cider-load-buffer, it seems that the REPL loads an old version of my buffer, which I do not understand. I've closed and reopened spacemacs a couple of times just to be sure - the file has changed, but calling my function in the REPL results in a return value as if the file was unchanged. Anyone know anything about this? simple_smile


@reefersleep do you save the file after editing the buffer?


@yaniv sounds like something with spacemacs. Evil has nothing to do with cider. You've probably rebound the key somewhere


@malabarba: I've edited the file, saved it, closed down spacemacs and closed open processes (the REPL), opened it back up, the file appears edited as I left it, started the REPL, cider-load-buffer, and I get an old version of the buffer.


Or rather, old versions of my functions are in the REPL's state. If I copy the function definition from the file and evaluate it in the REPL, it works as it should - but not if I use cider-load-buffer.


@yaniv: I believe evil-mode binds "M-." at least in normal mode; I have (define-key evil-normal-state-map (kbd "M-.") nil) in my init.el


@reefersleep you must be missing something. ☺️ if the old version of the file didn't exist it would be impossible for a new jvm process to load it


Either the old file still exists, or you're connecting to an old repl