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@meow: wow, this is really cool. have you had any of your own designs 3D printed? i'm curious what this thing would look like in real life


no, I haven't - gets pretty pricey as the volume of material goes up


Here is the product page for that one, with digital renders for the various materials it can be ordered in:


That's supposed to be a reasonable simulation of the material.


I'm working on a design variation for a potential patron who found my work on Shapeways.


Not of the alien spore, but of this one:


Once I have more of the mesh library completed I want to hook it up to my L-System and CA library and create massive worlds of this stuff.


I need to experiment with more indexing optimizations with core.matrix, finish implementing all the Conway polygon operators, add a few more subdivision smoothing algorithms like Delauney and Butterfly and also write a custom xml writer because my main bottleneck right now is that X3D is a poor file format design and I can't make any more lazy than I already am so on big meshes I run out of memory when I go to output the X3D file.