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I'm trying to make it easier to use DataScript with like libraries. I wrote a readme about the problems I'm trying to solve and the problems differ from something like's default db format. I'm doing this because it'd be nice if it existed when we created Check it out if it peaks your interest:

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I have a half-working fork of that I didn't have the courage to open source, with the aim of making datascript the default db format. Wanted to see where that would lead, because "Any sufficiently complicated client app state contains an ad hoc informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of a database." seemed so true. Didn't really lead me anywhere yet, but I'll definitely follow your progress @petterik

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Thanks @danielstockton for the comment. It really motivates me to know that there are others who have had similar thoughts. I'll definitely let you know when there's something to try out