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@richiardiandrea is something like what are you asking about?


Yeah I saw that, have you used it? I am still unsure if it makes sense to add a layer on top actually


I started doing something with the same idea based on plumatic/schema a couple of years ago but it got shelved before getting in a good shape. I like the idea, because I think it composes better than json and if we get some validation it's another plus.


Yep validation is nice indeed


What triggered the start of writing that was that I got tired of rereading the aws cloudformation documentation to look at which combination of options were mandatory. I haven't look at what crucible does but it could validate lots of combinations with spec.


Yeah if I had doc + better composition + validation then it's definitely worth


@richiardiandrea I’m using It generates terraform instead of cloud formation but same result. works great in bitbucket pipelines CI

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Chris Bidler12:04:27

oh wow, yes - I’ve been on the “just write CloudFormation instead of using a tool” train for a long time because I’m generally in the position of wanting to use something that just got released and the lag of something like Terraform introduces impedance I don’t want. Being able to use spec as the validation tool AWS has never yet provided to avoid round-trips through standing up resources only to find that I forgot to set this or that key somewhere… that would be really nice


Anyone else use the AWS Java SDK v2 preview?

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