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@danielstockton I'm not sure. React-key works fine and although it's been a while I believe I copied it from one of the examples on the wiki (I've never used Om core). But if it's changed I'd love to know.


I thought it changed from :react-key to :key from om to but perhaps :react-key still works too.


@pedroteixeira If I'm not mistaken, @qqq is using datascript with om next.


@pedroteixeira We're using datascript with, and here's a whirlwind tour of what you have to do. You have to implement your own merge function, you can't use db->tree and you'll need to stay away from set-query!. A while ago I had to set the :migrate reconciler option to nil, I'm not sure if this is the case anymore, but it's what we're still doing. Since we can't use set-query!, we get "dynamic" queries by using state from our current route in our parser (reads/mutates), and this state can be passed to a remote by adjusting the query in the parser. We're using datomic on the backend and we've gotten a lot of surprising wins.


@petterik I actually find I do this anyway, even not using datascript. I'm not sure set-query! even needs to be a thing.