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It is weird to be looking for work but saying I want to use this hammer (clojure/clojurescript) to solve your problem… whatever that is…


I think it's mostly because there's a value proposition behind it. Like saying you're a contractor who's bringing his cutting edge tools instead of decades-old ones his grandparents used back in the war.


Is it only me who finds ridiculous the idea of hiring for a senior position and then micromanaging the hired person? I doubt it happens often in other engineering professions.


@dottedmag micromanaging is never a good sign IMHO as it displays a lag of trust.


Yeah, friends sometimes chide me for specifying the hammer... and I frequently use different hammers when appropriate... but my perspective: I face a computing industry that chooses tools for superficial reasons.


I am a programmer. I can not understand how people will hand me a non-programmable programming language. I mean, come on.


What I vaguely recall from reading programming’s history... programming languages were once commonly seen as UI for not-so-skilled computer users.


@tjg related to this. Companies where you’re not allowed to choose your own hardware.


simple solution: hire people who all think the same! that’s the best way to shape an A-team, not ?


@lmergen I bet at least one CTO I have worked with would gladly fire all these pesky developers and fill the offices with his clones.


I think it has to do with the fact that programmers, even senior ones, don’t end up having an engineering role in most cases. They end up being implementors, at least from the micro manager perspective.


Hey everyone. I was told to come here by a Clojure Engineer, he said you guys might be able to help me! I need some serious help!!!!! I have a job opportunity in Utah(Silicon Slopes) for a Sr, Software Engineer-Clojure experience is REQUIRED. Clojure is the most important aspect of anybody's professional resume. If you guys know anybody or are interested at me <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. I feel like I'm posting in the right place, but then again...if I tell you go Right, you should always go Left..LOL


If the job is open to remote, you can post it in #remote-jobs … otherwise, post to #jobs


Thanks. I will. I was close, but no cigar. Story of my life;)