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Shantanu Kumar08:04:04

@dottedmag Probably “you have to earn the autonomy via confidence-building”?


So is it an euphemism for "You'll be micromanaged and stalked for the first year"?


a few other ads, we've had fun generating:


and this is a video we made before last december 😉


None of the job ads mention clojure


Very good point, that should have been stated more clearly. We are currently not using clojure in production. But we have a legacy stack that will need to be simplified and rebuilt, bit by bit in the coming year or two. In my previous job I was responsible for the digital roadmap and headed the team that did the strategic prioritization for the digital development at Yle (the Finnish equivalent of BBC) where we did a similar operation, but in much bigger scale, where the prominent technology used was clojure. In otherwords, if we get the right talent that prefers clojure, I as the CDO would sponsor that decision with great enthusiasm. We are looking for two developers and hoping to find an architect that would have driving role in these decisions. And that also likes to share and help the entire team shine. We are also open to share our experiences publicly as we go through this process. Would like to stress tech choices are of course the choise of the team. We are not a big organization so the entire dev team is five people.


Not a technical post, but a little bit about the story I refer to above the previous job at Yle.


Shouldn't this be in #jobs-discuss ?


ah, my bad. i'll try to do better next time.


@sakali Office location is not mentioned anywhere.


Ah, yes, it is. One of the bullet points in the job ad.


Finland I’m guessing


@sakalli you may want to advertise this in #clojure-finland as well, I guess you’d get more response


I was directed here by a Clojure Engineer, he told me that this is where all the "Cool Kids" hangout. I have a job for a Senior Software Engineer-Clojure is REQUIRED! The job is in Utah(Silicon Slopes). It is a 12 month CTH position. The company is awesome, the location is beautiful, and you get to write in Clojure! IF you are interested, please email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Thanks guys


whats a CTH ?


Contract To Hire


hi everyone, I'm an engineer on the platform team at, a job board/search company in NYC. My team is hiring in-house Clojure devs. You'll be: - writing 100% Clojure - writing back-end services used by the front-end/web app teams - working on data pipelines that send millions of emails a week - using a stack consisting of Kafka, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, Kubernetes, and Spark. We're also currently using (but moving away from) MySQL/Clustrix, Redis, RabbitMQ and Storm - help us as we move towards a more CQRS/event-sourcing architecture built on top of Kafka Streams If you're not very familiar with Clojure but are still versed in functional programming we are more than happy to teach and mentor. Feel free to DM me or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>