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Martynas Maciulevičius08:04:26

Hey. I currently use Heroku to host a mockup of my app. My app has a live loop that processes events. What could be the benefits to move to lets say... Amazon? I'm afraid as I have no idea about Amazon's configurations and I want to have a simple experience (I'm a dev and I know clojure quite a bit but I don't know if I want to go into devops too much). Also how hard would it be?


If you are happy with Heroku and it's cheap enough then stay there. Any specific requirement that's hard to satisfy on Heroku?

Martynas Maciulevičius11:04:53

I have my own implementation of a persistent event queue and I was wondering if I'd be better off to use Kafka instead. And Kafka provisioning in Heroku costs quite a bit (€1500/month per standard instance) (not sure how it works yet). Also I wanted to run two instances of my own app that would calculate the same things so that once one goes down there is its backup online. And those would cost €25 per instance. And then if I'd want to share some load and partition my instances (these doubled CPU instances + web) then it would multiply even more. So quite quickly it can become something unwieldy. I'm trying to figure out how my single-thread model scales.


Sounds like you're worrying about scale way before you actually have any problems with scale. IMO that makes sense only if you see that definite growth is right around the corner and there will be scaling needs. But even if that's the case, with just 2-4 instances your load probably won't be too high for "dumb" solutions like putting all the events into a PostgreSQL database. Which makes even more sense given that you want to have a simple experience.

Martynas Maciulevičius11:04:35

I actually do have PostgreSQL and use it to put all events into 😄 . But I wanted to make my instance reboot-safe. So I'll probably simply host two of them on one DB (but then also web uses that DB but they use different tables). And then potentially I'd want to split it later. But yes, I worry too much and I don't know if I'll need it 🙂


I was working through a site that taught you about RNA/ DNA / genomes and stuff and it had programming exercises as part of it. I can't find it now, anyone know the name of it ?


It had a tree and you worked through branches of the tree


That's it! Thank you. For some reason I couldn't even find it in my browser history!


Haha np! A while back I enjoyed solving a few in clojure. A lot of the collections functions work pretty well for processing dna sequences

Thomas Moerman07:05:08

I learned my first clojure chops solving project Rosalind problems. disclaimer: n00b code abound in that repo 😉

Nom Nom Mousse11:05:40

I'd love to grow genomics Clojure libraries based on the Clojure data science ones