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Jumping through some hoops, but finally got fipp / puget / hashp working in bb from source:

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Daniel Jomphe21:04:41

The finest level in the craft of cross-pollination in works of art, Michiel! I was hoping to get back to bb and #p working together in our project and, well, it’s… done! ☺️


Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but Spire is available as a but isn't mentioned in the or the linked libraries.csv.


that link will point you to the pod registry where you can find all of those pods


libraries.csv isn't including pods


I see. So the registry itself is the place to look. Thanks.


Scale of 1-10, how ill advised would it be to use Scittle for real


The interpreter is well tested, so if performance satisfies your needs, I'd say a 10


@emccue I know folks who use it in production for a fairly large logistics app :) I was surprised they used it on that scale, but it worked well for them. There is a #scittle channel. Let's continue there.