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Drew Verlee01:01:37

Considering a PC build for Clojure systems development, or at least starting to collect notes on it to see if i should update my 5 year old PC. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Honestly, the biggest upgrade for me is likely expanding my currently working 500SSD two 2VME PCI one with 256 for my operating system and 1TB+ for my home drive. That and updating my 200$ third monitor to a more expensive one that i actually wanted to look at.

Martynas M04:01:36

You forgot to mention the OS that you expect to use. I'll assume GNU/Linux. I use Manjaro linux which is not Ubuntu/Debian based distro. Also I make an assumption that you want a laptop. If you buy a laptop make sure it supports proper hybrid mode of operation. Because if it's a high-end laptop with a graphics card it may not have a hybrid mode. No, MSHybrid doesn't sound like a proper hybrid for me. My current one doesn't have this hybrid mode and basically I can't opt-out of nvidia drivers to run external displays (which is a must for me). And Nvidia drivers don't work for Wayland and so on (there is the effort that claims it kind-of works but it didn't work for me). So I'm stuck with X11. They claim that GBM works but it didn't for me. And no, Nouveau can't run on new cards (RTX3070 here). I tested... Multiple times. In this laptop I have AMD5900HX processor which means that I can't have Thunderbolt. Take this into account. I thought I'll save some battery and AMD would be great for computing (and it is quite an upgrade from my old laptop) but I can't change from Nvidia without rebooting (session restart but it still kills everything). Which basically defeats the purpose of being a flexible laptop. And if I not run Nvidia then I can only use the laptop's screen. Also if you expect to buy something cheaper (like I did) then make sure it has ANSI keyboard, not ISO (or whatever you prefer). Again, not pointing to a specific model. This link has very useful diagrams that show how bad can your purchase be: Also I like to sometimes play shooting games. So on my previous mid-range laptop (6yo acer) TF2 runs almost smoothly. On this one I get a lot of FPS but there is some kind of mouse lag if I compare it to an older game, say CS1.6 (I think this one runs perfectly). It's a good thing that I basically don't yet want to try new games. But if it's your preference then you may have other thoughts. It may be misconfiguration on my part but come on, if it's a new system it has to run smooth as butter. Also the laptop rebooted once when I was doing a screen-share. So even though it's a new laptop it's still just a tool that has limits. My laptop has a Chinese motherboard Tongfang GMxZGxx and I can remove NVMe (2 slots) drives and RAM (max 64gb total in two sticks, I think). I can open up this laptop by myself without voiding the warranty.

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Drew Verlee16:01:07

I don't need it to be a laptop, my apologies for not being specific enough. This information still looks valuable. ill look into it later. thanks for sharing.

Martynas M18:01:17

Well you suggested that you want a tower by saying "PC build". But if you want to run Linux then much of this still applies. But I don't know what you want. And maybe on Windows it would work out of the box just fine.