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Hi, I've lost auto prompting of functions' doc string and signature when typing. The names are prompted but there is no doc string listed. How do I get it back? Restarting VSC did not help.

Lukas Domagala13:01:51

is that with a running repl? and do you mean by “auto prompting”?


yes, the repl is fine. I am not sure of the exact term, when I type the function name it used to display the function names and doc strings. Now it's gone, see the image above. The doc string has disappeared since recently

Lukas Domagala14:01:35

mhh sorry, not sure then. It looks as if the completionItems returned by the repl don’t contain the extra info. Is this project accessible from somewhere? I can’t reproduce the problem, even when using a babashka nrepl.


Just created a new project with the basic (ns calvatest) and started the babashka nrepl in that dir. The result: same issue, no doc string on auto completion

Lukas Domagala21:01:29

@U0ETXRFEW Any ideas? I can’t reproduce this at all.


Does it work before the repl is connected?


when the repl is not connected autocomplete does work, but no doc string, ie the same behaviour

Kurt Harriger14:02:28

are you you starting the repl from VS Code or externally and connecting to running repl. When starting from vscode some dependencies are added when starting the repl and it may not work if they are missing. If you want to start repl from commandline and connect there is also a copy Jack-in command to clipboard command to try


I am connecting to the already running nrepl. I guess there's a setting /config that has changed, because it has suddenly stopped working, I have to google all the functions that is rather inefficient

Lukas Domagala10:02:29

@U96LS78UV I’m guessing you are missing the cider-nrepl middleware. Try running the “Copy jack-in command to clipboard” command, then you’ll see how you should start your nrepl for the extra stuff to work

Lukas Domagala10:02:39

or you can start the nrepl from inside calva with the “jack-in” command, but I’m guessing that’s not possible for you?


I can do both, the Jack in command it pretty much the same for bb, eg bb --nrepl-server 53593 But the result's the same: there's no doc string on completion. I've reinstalled Calva but it did not help