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A new version (v0.12.0, still alpha) of Tutkain, a Sublime Text package for interactive Clojure development, is out. Note that this version removes all default key bindings, including indentation on Enter and the small number of ParEdit key bindings Tutkain had enabled by default. For instructions on how to restore those key bindings, see here: Other than that, some highlights: • Support for using a panel instead of a view for REPL output • Panels hide when you press Escape and show up when you evaluate something, so they're useful especially when working on a laptop screen • If you like using inline evaluation results, you might prefer a panel over a regular view • Support for copying evaluation results to clipboard • Support for connecting to a Clojure runtime without spinning up a separate socket channel for editor tooling messages • Pass backchannel: false to tutkain_connect to use • Useful when one socket connection is all you can get (e.g. when connecting over an SSH tunnel) Full changelog: Documentation: Follow up in #tutkain (or via GitHub issues).

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