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hi, does anyone know how to make this type of pop-up disappear?


try cmd+shift+a — show paramter hints


you need this window

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thanks for replying. That one seems to control the "useful" pop-ups, though. And I don't really mind getting the type of pop-up i showed, since often it's useful, but i often hides stuff I need to read, and i can't figure out how to make it go away without pressing esc.


ok, your tip showed me those are called parameter info popups. still no luck binding a key to close them, though...


I found out how to hide them with hotkeys without exiting input mode (have to add hotkey myself)

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cool, thanks a lot!


just in the unlikely case anyone else got annoyed by those popups: i ended up adding this in my .ideavimrc to use qq while in insert mode to get rid of the popup:

:inoremap qq <esc> :action TogglePopupHints<CR> i 


not using Escape, because I'm using ideavim, and that also gets me out of insert state


possibly not a cursive question, but I think I have something turned on somewhere, and it’s letting me put the cursor anywhere in a file, instead of clamping to the existing whitespace. I prefer it when it jumps to the end of the whitespace - any ideas what it might be?


may it’s a virtual space you are talking about.

Jordan Robinson15:01:13

(column selection mode, towards the bottom of that link)


a thousand 🍪 to you both, you saved my sanity


thank you!


We've been moving from lein to deps; at first, this was great ... when deps changed, Cursive was much faster to update the project (again, giant mono-repo, with 45+ submodules). Now we've moving from Maven coords to Git coords for our many internal libraries, and it's gotten very slow to update. I know the Git coords are more work (it's also much slower when using clj), but is Cursive able to cache or parallelize things to speed it up?