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Hello, does anybody have clojure library recommendation to generate reports like invoice and db data?


@raefaldhiamartya do you mean generate PDF or ...? and db data is a pretty general term? could you clarify your requirements?


yes a PDF. I want to export table of users info (email, fullname, ...) from db to pdf


There are numerous libraries that can be used to query the database, with my particular favourites being next.jdbc with honeysql.


You could also generate asciidoc or HTML and then generate the PDF from that.

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okayy, thank you!


@raefaldhiamartya I've used clj-pdf at work before. it is quite simple to use and has a good performance. prior to that we generated a html then used a shell command to generate the pdf, doing everything inside clojure scaled better for our use case. (this might be an useful information depending on what you're trying to do)

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@raefaldhiamartya I once wrote a report generator that created markdown which I sent through pandoc to generate a pdf. Worked really well.

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they don't have a dmg yet, just a zip..


so had to set JAVA_HOME in my shell and my Emacs


@kbsant That's what I do with GraalVM all the time. I don't use any installers, just download the gzip, unpack it in my Downloads and it sits there for about half a year until the nnext version


Btw I'm maintaining homebrew cask for graalvm


brew tap DeLaGuardo/graalvm and then brew search graalvm it should give you all available versions


@borkdude thats nice and clean, just discovered it now that a dmg was unavailable. so far tools work fine, so i'll stick to tar.gz

jpcenteno15:11:18 Not specifically Clojure, but the Racket team ported it’s compiler from C to Chez Scheme. With some coworkers, we interviewed Matthew Flatt & Gustavo Massaccesi that took part of that effort.