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I’m having an issue getting shadow to ingest .js files. The use the import/export syntax as required, but they make use of a class with static fields, which for some reason is giving me a syntax error of “expecting a (“ after the field name. Is it possible that I need to tweak the closure compiler's input language setting? Commenting out all static fields allows compilation to succeed...


I did try setting the :language-in compiler option to no avail.


aren't static fields just a proposal for now?


tweaking input language is not a thing since it is already at the highest level by default


I don't have a clue whether they are supported or not. if you get a compiler error maybe not.


if its not in any officially released JS versions then chances are good that its not supported. they often don't implement experimental features.


Oh I didn’t even realize that! Thank you.


I wonder, could I transpile this with Babel prior to feeding closure maybe?


dunno. I'd just go for class Foo {} and Foo.field = 1; or whatever


I didn’t write this code unfortunately. It’s generated. I’ll see if I can transform it prior to closure somehow. Thanks for the help.


For this error: ‘Cannot infer target type in expression’ is that Closure, shadow, or something else generating that message?


How can it be fixed?


Thanks, I’ll try that.


Hello, I just ran into some weirdness while porting a project from figwheel-main to shadow-cljs. Both only discovered because serving dev-http from classpath: :dev-http {9000 "classpath:www"}:


• shadow finds public/index.html from a dependency, instead of in resources/public/index.html. I suspect this is because of the hardcoded special-casing of folders named *resources, because it behaves correctly, when public/index.html is in different :paths directory


• when serving from classpath, the fallback to index.html necessary for client-routing, doesn't work as described in


I now realize that probably both could be worked around by serving from multiple file roots. Shall I create tickets?


I am having a pot of trouble shimming so I can use I have created a a shim like the below in src/cljs/cljsjs:

(ns cljsjs.rrule
  (:require ["rrule" :as rrule]))

(js/goog.exportSymbol "RRule" rrule)


But when I call cljs-rrule.core/rrule I get #object[TypeError TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined]


@bendlas this likely has nothing to do with shadow-cljs but instead the ordering of the classpath by deps.edn


shadow-cljs doesn't filter any folders when it comes to :dev-http. it just uses the classpath as constructed by clojure


I don't know if that has been fixed but it didn't put :paths first for a while so the ordering was more or less random

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well not random but different from shadow-cljs.edn and project.clj


@mac sorry I don't know that package. check what rrule actually is in the REPL or so.


@thheller (type r/rrule) => nil


@thhellerI figured it out 🙂 I think the structure of the js package might have changed since the cljs lib was made.

Lyderic Dutillieux23:11:44

Hey guys, I'm thinking of reducing my modules footprint. I was wondering if it would be possible to get cljs.core and other core libs from a CDN ? I'm aware that I would lose tree-shaking capabilities, but since core libs are really stable, clojurescript is getting more and more popular and my project grows, using a CDN and client cache may be a good fit. Have anyone tried to setup this ?


I don't think anyone has tried this. you not only lose tree shaking, but also the advanced optimizations that the Closure compiler does for you such as variable renaming

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