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Let's say I just started a new job and


Also hypothetically


I am maybe probably not at all qualified


How would I go about learning how to work with and construct real world graphs (as in graph dbs)


The question is a bit vague for me. Do you need to learn to use a graph database? To build one? A theoretical understanding of basic graph notions? A practical knowledge of common graph algorithms and data structures for use in application code?


This book, which is fantastic in general, has a terrific section on graph algorithms:


And what kind of algorithms are helpful in that space


Welp... Kanaka did it. He went and built a lisp (mal, similar to clojure) on raw wasm:

👍 10

Gonna be studying that one for a while 🙂

Daniel Hines14:01:29

What does “contrib” mean, in the context of a project, language, or codebase?


Contributed by the community, usually


Community supported extensions to the core language


In Clojure, Contrib often refers to the set of libraries under the clojure org on GitHub, that aren't part of the core download. These have a different management/process to "regular" GitHub Clojure libraries because they're under the same Contributor License Agreement as Clojure itself.

Nick Stares15:01:30

I saw a tweet recently (I think by stu halloway?) that listed vocabulary words helpful for understanding Clojure design decisions. Somehow I can't find it again! Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have a link?

Eccentric J16:01:50

We’re going to put out some job listing soon to expand our team at work. However, I’m debating what to put up. We’re moving towards Clojure in our newer services hosted on a cloud platform but there’s still a monolithic python-django app we need to maintain until we can replace it completely. Would it be better to look for a senior Clojure dev who has some experience in other languages since it focuses on where we want to go or a senior dev with more of a general Java\Python background with an interest in Clojure to help support our legacy system?


what's the current composition of the team? Regarding their clojure expertise. I think it's good if you hire somebody with senior clojure experience that can spearhead the transition and help you pick sane things

Eccentric J16:01:01

Just me currently. I think I’m still a beginner with Clojure, especially in a production context.


Yeah you probably want a strong Clojure person with a mix of experience. Very few people have Clojure as their first language


Anyone remember Rich Hickey's codeq project? What happened to that idea? I wrote an article to spark some discussion:


still very much alive :)


I expect at some point you’ll see form of codeq2


but it may be an arbitrarily long time :)


nice to hear 🙂