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Eccentric J00:01:01

I think it has something to do with

Eccentric J00:01:03

I don’t really want to disable it, I just don’t want it in my stdout since I’m using reagent-blessed and it’s causing rendering errors

Eccentric J01:01:50 see how the is interfering with the yellow UI?

Eccentric J01:01:03

lein-figwheel doesn’t have this problem


Doesn't lein-figwheel target the old figwheel?

Eccentric J15:01:56

From what I understand lein-figwheel is older but still maintained

Eccentric J15:01:24

I was able to figure this out I think the dependency version on Google Closure changed between lein-figwheel and figwheel-main and some of the logging goes through console.error instead of just console.log and I was only capturing console.log.


Hi, can I configure figwheel during runtime, instead of in the Leiningen project.clj. I want to set :server-ip in the client settings, but I need to run some code that figures out my private IP to do so.


figwheel-sidecar.config seems to be where I should look.