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Ryan Radomski00:02:18

Does anybody have any information on how much money is invested in various Clojure running platforms JVM/JSVM/CLR


@radomski invested? Almost nothing, it's all OSS work. You could try to calculate it based on person-hours, but that would be mostly personal time, only a portion of that is done by people on company time.

Ryan Radomski00:02:40

Invested is an incredibly overloaded term. I meant more specifically, if there's any information out there on how much engineer salaries or wages have been used targeting these platforms in any way

Ryan Radomski00:02:04

I can't even begin to guess how much money has been spent developing on these platforms


Well, it's a lot and not a lot. It's mostly the work of people working over the past 10 years. Clojure was started by one man working for about 2 years. And then people contributed OSS time over the years.


ClojureScript (JSVM), was the work of about 6 people from Cognitect working on their Friday 20% time for a few months. That in itself is rather impressive. 6 people working 8 hours a week for 3 months or so isn't bad for porting a language to a new platform. (all these numbers are rough, and what I remember from word-of-mouth from people involved).


For CLR that was done in parallel with the JVM version for a year or so, then development on it dropped so that more effort could be put into the JVM. Awhile back (more than 6 years ago) one man (David miller) picked it up and has been working mostly by himself since then.


So it sounds like a lot, but compared to LLVM, V8, Scala, Rust, etc. it's not much time at all

Ryan Radomski01:02:39

I mistyped. My apologies, I was talking about globally the JVM/CLR/JSVM is a whole including clojure, but also including the rest of the ecosystems. I appreciate your response, it's very informative and interesting. Sorry for being so incredibly vague


Wow, you're not going to get an answer to that then

Ryan Radomski01:02:51

I'm after the unimaginable effort of all companies targeting let's say the JVM let it be Scala, clojure, java, or any other language


it's in the millions of person hours


hundreds working on the JVM alone, over almost 30 years


and the JSVM isn't a thing, so you have to count V8 and all the other vms, as well as older VMs like TraceMonkey that influenced modern designs but don't really exist anymore.

Ryan Radomski01:02:35

I was also interested in not only development of the platforms, but development using them. So for the JS ecosystem, this would include all webapps

Ryan Radomski01:02:56

I figure there's some estimations out there. If academics have estimated the number of times every electron has ever rotated around every atom since the dawn of time, it doesn't seem so infeasible to get within a couple of orders of magnitude for how much has been invested into building with these platforms