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I just have a try on shadow-cljs + react-native, I found the experience is really awesome!!


@doglooksgood are you using a cljs react wrapper? Expo? I will start a project soon with re-frame and expo and I will try using shadow. Do you have a template somewhere?


@mynomoto there's one serious problem is that no__ repl to use. how I tried is just create project with react-native init and shadow-cljs init. shadow-cljs has a target called npm-module, the output js can be directly imported from .js (`App.js` or index.js in this case). there's no figwheel needed. React Native built-in HMR works.


But REPL is important for ClojureScript, it's likely still a lot of work should be done with shadow-cljs so we can have a perfect solution.


@doglooksgood can you describe your workflow on cljs? I have been doing webapps for years using only live reload with figwheel or boot as is everyone I know. I use the repl all the time doing clojure on the jvm. I'm really interested on a repl based workflow on cljs(rn).


@mynomoto you can use repl in cljs just like use it in clojure. you mean how to setup or why use cljs repl?


No, the workflow itself. Like do you eval components in the repl and they change on the view you are working on?


basically, I call functions to modify states.


But not the views themselves? Or more clearly, the views only change because of state changes, not changes on the view code?


I always try to observe if ui is correct by changing the states.


@doglooksgood that's helpful. Thank you. I will try doing it this way soon.