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Bobbi Towers23:08:24

I really enjoyed the ClojureD talks! @mkvlr it was a surprise to learn that you also experience (or at least sympathize with) notebook adoption hesitancy, so I wanted to offer my experience as a notebook-lover. I've been using Nextjournal ever since I saw Carin Meier's deep learning demo, and... well I loved it so much that I completely stopped using GitHub. Now, however, I am living somewhere without regular web access, so I was delighted to see that you're currently working on a local solution. I was even more impressed to see the use of sci, rewrite-clj and tools.analyzer. I am the maintainer of the Exercism Clojure track, one of the most popular coding practice communities, and we are currently implementing in-browser code analysis. I think I could learn a lot from what you've done with Clerk and it could potentially provide a better experience for people learning Clojure, so I eagerly await its release. I'd be happy to help test as well. Thanks a lot! clojure-spin