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The August Clojure Los Angeles Virtual Meetup is tomorrow (Aug 11) at 6pm PDT. More at

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Looking forward to continuing with Crux!!

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Steven Deobald13:08:14

Apologies... I don't think we delivered the new Datalog exercises we'd (I'd) promised. Hopefully there's plenty of material for everyone to work through.


No worries at all, I totally understand. There's plenty to go on for tonight's meetup. Looking forward to any new content when it's ready.

Steven Deobald00:08:39

Second apology: I don't think I can make tonight's meetup. I'm on the east coast now (it's 10pm Atlantic) and I've been quite sick for the past week. If there are any questions the group has difficulty answering, please do post them here! @U050V1N74 and I will both be around tomorrow to answer lingering doubts.

Steven Deobald00:08:02

If you do run out of material, there's always the Space Adventure tutorial as well. It goes through transactions and time-traveling queries in addition to basic queries. 🙂

Steven Deobald00:08:22 has links to do Space Adventure live on NextJournal. ("Try online")


Oh wow. No problem. I hope you feel better soon!


Thank you for the link to the other tutorial