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Colin, since you’re around, i’m curious whether there’s any progress on this issue: also, the built-in rule map is missing a few core symbols such as cond-> and cond->> .


I’m not sure about the possibility of keeping the format config in the cljfmt file, I haven’t had a chance to investigate that. I’ll try to look at that soon.


the current approach for adding/changing indentation rules for symbols, in my humble opinion, is not quite user-friendly. we need to rely on [Option/Alt + Enter] to add a rule. in order to change one, we need to hunt it down among the long list of symbol+rule pairs in the Preferences/Settings dialog, which becomes a tedious and laborious process if you want to make Cursive's formatting match others' (e.g., cljfmt.) this in turn makes sharing and enforcing indentation rules another headache as you would have to change the rules manually for every one who is using Cursive. an alternative approach with a better developer ergonomics, in my humble opinion again, would be keeping indentation rules in a text file on disk (e.g., indents.edn) and point Cursive at it. and adding/changing rules would be a matter of editing that text file. with this approach, Cursive can keep its internal, default rule set immutable (e.g., no GUI to change it) and the only way to override it would be by editing that file (manually or via GUI). i don't know how difficult this is to implement but it would for sure fix a lot of problems that we have with current approach.


IntelliJ doesn’t provide a very nice way to do that, unfortunately. There are some similar solutions in IntelliJ now, for things like EditorConfig, so I’ll take a look to see what their solutions look like.

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Hmm. It seems I became unable to navigate to namespaces/symbols/files from deps.edn git dependencies. Has anyone experienced this? On 2021.1.3, tried with both latest eap and latest stable cursive.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:08:43

If you’re using the new git dep coord format, cursive may need updating to understand it (not sure if it is doing anything there or just using tools.deps)


We use the old one actually

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:08:55

Ok, was just a stab in the dark!


Not sure what's wrong really. I've gone all the way back to 1.10.2 but nothing's changed. Tried the invalidate caches dance at each downgrade as well


np, thanks for the tip!


What's even stranger is that it appears navigation works for some of the git deps but not for others


@U0567Q30W any ideas what could be wrong here or how I could find out more?


one trouble I'm experiencing is now all the symbols that are defined in those git deps come up undefined, messing up formatting etc.


upgraded to 2021.2 and latest cursive EAP, reimported the project, but no luck unfortunately


I haven’t had a chance to try to repro this, sorry, I can’t think of anything obvious that should be different for git deps.


Is there anything I could collect locally that might help?


I’m not sure, I’ll try to look at this over the weekend and see if I can reproduce it. I’m not really sure what I would be looking for.


Thanks. What I haven't tried so far is nuking all of the idea project settings from the repo and trying again, but I'll do that next


Okay, I did that but it didn't help


But, when I downgraded clojure tools from to it started to work again


okay, I did some more investigation: snatched the classpath value being passed to java when I start the repl from cursive


and when my system has clojure - several git deps are missing from that classpath value


clojure -Srepro -Spath -Sforce gives me the same classpath no matter which version of clojure I'm using


so I'm guessing the problem is between Cursive and the cli


Ok, perhaps it is what Alex suggested then, some change in the git deps handling.


Note that I don't use any new-style git dep coordinates. All of them are given as

groupid/libname {:git/url   "full-url"
                 :sha       "full-sha"
                 :deps/root "folder-name"}


Ok, it looks like others are having similar problems though, so something must have changed there. I’ll try to repro this ASAP


The fix for this is out now in the latest EAP.


in a seemingly random pattern

David Caudill20:08:27

hello! I'm trying to set up a viable build target for Cursive on Windows and really there any step by step documentation for windows?


Hi David, what are the problems you’re experiencing? Cursive should work in basically the same way on Windows as it does on other platforms.

David Caudill20:08:58

So it's a little tough for me to figure out what "layer" my problem exists at right now - i'm totally new to this.

David Caudill20:08:49

I have cursive installed in IntelliJ CE, 2021.1.13

David Caudill20:08:06

I have no build/run configurations and it's unclear to me what should be configured here


Did that not work for getting a project running and a REPL?

David Caudill20:08:45

my problem is that i see no "Run REPL for new-project"


Ok. That has been happening recently and may be due to a platform problem, JetBrains have a bug logged about it.


You can create one manually using the steps here:

David Caudill20:08:13

thanks, I'll check this out


I have to step away for a bit, if you’re still having problems drop them here and I’ll reply when I get back.

David Caudill20:08:05

much appreciated!


Ive also done cursive on windows


so if you have more general questions that aren't bugs i can help

David Caudill21:08:03

Thanks! I definitely will!