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is it possible to see (at least some rows) of the docstring of a var in the modeline with clojure-lsp & emacs? This ( gives advice on how to turn it off (part 13), but describe-variable says lsp-signature-render-documentation is already t.


ATM we only support showing the first or second line which bring the function arity


To check the whole doc, I use lsp-describe-thing-at-point


If I'm seeing occasional "hangs" in VS Code/Calva that I suspect are coming from LSP, is there somewhere I can look in a log file or a setting to making logging more verbose to help track down a repro case? I probably get one or sometimes two such "hangs" a day where the Clojure features stop working for a few seconds and then "catch up". Sometimes it actually locks VS Code for a second or two.


Check "Viewing the Logs Between the Client and Server" section


Thanks! I set it to messages and if that doesn't help, I'll set it to verbose.

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(we have 115k lines of code in 700 files)


Hi, is there a way to do a "add missing require" programmatically, like the api namespace allows for some other features? Being hacky is fine :)


Hi! ATM there is no public API way, but I intend to add it soon, meanwhile I don't think there is an easy way to call it :/


Please open an issue with the expected API usage following the other features, that would help a lot


Great thanks, I'll give it a bit of thought and open an issue soon. Loving the exposed api btw. It's really awesome just having a separate repl open that i can run these little tools in while I'm developing stuff, without any editor integration


Cool, glad to know there are people using that way :)

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LMK if any feedbacks


I want to add find-definition/references and especially the most used refactors to the API

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On the subject of "adding things", when I create a new .edn file, LSP adds an ns directive to the top of it -- it should only do that for .clj files (and .cljc/`.cljs`) right?


Hum, right, probably it's missing a check for that


I'm surprised I never found that bug 😅


Yeah, it probably only happen for edn files, it's easy to fix though, feel free to open an issue and I can take a look soon :)