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What speakers do you all have? Curious if there's people into studio or hifi sound rn I have nothing fancy, some 6" KRK studio monitors (plus the KRK 12" subwoofer which is mostly good at shaking the floor). Mid-tier. Maybe I'll upgrade to Adam 8" soon, sound is cleaner and has less of a need for a sub. If money allows, 1y from now I'll go for Funktion One R1.5. They're 18" + 5" + 1", a pair + an amplification rack is about the price of a car 🙃


I do home studio recording, have a modest pair of Beringer self powered studio monitors. I think the much better investment is in acoustic treatment of your listening space rather than the speakers and amps


Especially, bass traps


Not just foam panels on the walls


Granted, acoustic treatment is really vital for recording purposes, but after I put $2k of traps in my space.. I gotta say, the sound coming out of my monitors is astonishing.


You can build your own traps for a lot less money btw:nerd_face:

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👏 Yeah I've remained a bit ignorant on that front... maybe procastinating it until I find a place really worth treating acoustically


The traps are (or can be) fairly light weight, I hang mine with picture frame wire on little wall hooks. Traps can be portable 😉

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I don't know if we can paste pics here, lemme see...


Ok the ceiling ones are a bit more permanent I suppose. Those black beasts in the corners were the pricey ones. But man do they make all the difference.


Neat! Really nice place to begin with as well, ample and clutter-free... rn I make music in my living room which is L-shaped and full of 'achitectural obstacles'


I hear ya. Only been in this house 2 years, finally have a decent symmetrical area. But ya just make do with what you have. There's free software you can use in combination with an specialty omni-directional condenser mic that you can use to analyze your room's problems, and also measure the effectiveness of your treatment (i.e. do I have enough yet?)

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I'll sell ya the mic 😉 don't need it anymore