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Hyperfiddle as it is, is a client library (that is open sourced ) that connects to a service (that is not open sourced). Is that right ?

Dustin Getz17:07:18

it's all foss now, the site is out of date

Dustin Getz17:07:50 will come back someday but for now its an open source client/server web framework thing (very high level web framework)


So github has the latest code ?

Dustin Getz17:07:47

It's still moving too fast to allow people to use it widely, only available with consulting for a while longer. Christmas release maybe?


The proposal of the project is a dream. I've never used datomic, but I've used datascript a bit. Since you're using datomic directly I assume the value proposition of hyperfiddle is to be more simpler than fulcro ?


I hope you success on this project.