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We were discussing these days with @josh604 about how reitit.frontend.history requires a “real” Router protocol implementation which means that having a nice REPL workflow is kinda hard — if you change your router (say by adding new routes) you have to either reload your entire state (starting/stopping controllers) or reach inside the history record and replace the router there. Contrast that with say Pushy which has just a match-fn that is much more flexible in that extend. It looks that reitit.frontend.history only uses the match-by-path function anyway.


Not sure if I have anything concrete to propose at this point. We have a workaround by implementing reitit.core/Router in a REPL-friendly way (proxying the calls to an actual instance we can redefine).


Hi, how do I add an authorization header to my Swagger UI (see below)? I have been trying to use this, but have had no luck in getting it to work with Reitit.