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Vincent Cantin06:07:24

I am thinking about an addition to the syntax of the ns macro: the :as option on the namespace itself. (ns my-ns :as here)

Vincent Cantin06:07:38

That would help in situations where the user has to type the fully qualified name of a Var defined locally .. but I am not sure about when/where this use case happens.

Vincent Cantin06:07:46

maybe that's a bad idea


There are none


There are no places your have access to the alias that you can't just use the unqualified name of the var


Because both of those things really on the same thing, the value of *ns*

Vincent Cantin07:07:06

I was thinking that in some cases it could simplify quoting, but .. no.


@vincent.cantin you already have

::foo `foo 
for "local" aliases


Just noticed that serialized-require is documented in new core functions for Clojure 1.10 but it ended up being private. Probably should not be listed in the changes doc?