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Hi I’m new to clj, I want to push a pristine luminus projet to prod, however I’m getting these errors when I run lein uberjar . I was confused at some error

2020-10-12T02:12:41.936928+00:00 app[web.1]: "Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at clojure.main/main (\nCould not locate <my_repo_name>/core__init.class, <my_repo_name>/core.clj or <my_repo_name>/core.cljc on classpath.\n",
I fixed it in this commit( . It seems like it was because there was no /env/prod/clj/tartataing/core.clj file. But now, I’m not sure how to start a server with luminus 😅, the boilerplate in /env/dev/ seems daunting


Ah I don’t know I assumed the generated template made only core.clj in env/ for a reason 😅, I’ve copied the file from /env/dev/clj/tartataing/core.clj to src/clj/tartataing and… tada 😄🎉 thanks for the help !


I see that there is

(mount/defstate ^{:on-reload :noop} repl-server
  (when (env :nrepl-port)
    (nrepl/start {:bind (env :nrepl-bind)
                  :port (env :nrepl-port)}))
  (when repl-server
    (nrepl/stop repl-server)))


Do people use repl-server in production usually ?


to debug live apps ?


I’d remove it but I use socket repl (enabled via java system property set on command line)