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not sure if this is a cider question. after starting a repl, then updating deps.edn to have a new dependency, how do i get the repl to see that new dependency? right now i'm restarting the whole repl


also, is there a shortcut to get the repl to switch to the namespace of a buffer i'm currently in?


@ozzloy_clojurians_net I found restarting the REPL to be the most reliable way. If you evaluate code in source code buffers, there is no need to switch namespace on the repl buffer. Cider evaluates code in the namespace it's contained in. There is a cider command to send current namespace to the REPL (can't remember what that's called, but should be obvious by its name)


@ozzloy_clojurians_net simply load the file with: load-buffer-set-ns, this will load the file and change the ns of the repl to the loaded file.