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So I was thinking of a startup idea, it might exist already in various forms... asking for feedback, but what about a "Code Mentor" site where you could get 1 on 1 mentorship while working on projects

Daniel Tan00:10:01

lmao it literally exists


nice 😄 do you know what it is called?


well i was thinking something like that, but maybe a free version too ... and sort of make a library of free 1:1 coding sessions to help further the field


I learn a lot watching youtube videos of coding occasionally, so I was thinking along those lines


$10 for 15 minutes is a little prohibitive imo but probably reasonable for the business


I've been looking for a mentor some time ago and found this website.. there are a very wide range of needs from people looking for help to solve code assignments from university/job interviews to people looking for career advices.


I would say, 85% of mentors there does not look at the website anymore


that's a shame, it seems like such a useful thing


and those who do and have great background/experience charges at lot (specially for people in countries with weak currencies *compared to dollar) and they are right.. their time is valuable. how do you think to sort these factors out?


Maybe by topic or by question... and people would pay to have the mentor time, but then the interaction would be put up for free for others to see. So everyone could benefit from the interaction for free. Yes, developer time is most valuable as you say; there are probably many repeat questions so I would want to make it so that repeat questions had an easy lookup, and then people are paying for new questions / fresh questions, while things that were addressed are archived and open to the public


Because as it stands, it seems like silo'd off private interactions, and that benefits 1 person, maybe 2 max, but the knowledge is lost and there's a lot of repetition no doubt. So in an effort to minimize repetition things would be posted for free once someone had paid for the initial knowledge. And perhaps users could send "tips" or something to video interactions they found helpful if they wished


A more "open education" approach to mentorship. People would then be incentivized to help for free and maybe get tipped for their service later down the road. Help a bunch of newbies, put up 100 hours of video, people tip you a few cents here and there... could become a passive income for a mentor


and a free library would likely keep people coming back to the site / keep engagement high


might be problematic with closed-source programs, however. API keys and payment processing and passwords and the like would somehow have to be censored skillfully....


uhmm.. that might work. What are you saying would be like if portions of Learn Reitit ( was personal project between a mentor and one person, but the final result would be made public?


I have to look at LR but yes that's the general idea, pay for a custom lesson, the result becomes public


got it. when I said about weak currencies, I wanted to pay for something like LR, but the bundle price in EUR is equivalent to 110 bigmacs where I live loool


hard to compete 😃


Hahaha Yeah exactly. This would be more "name your price"


the idea of charging some symbolic value for those "free content" is not bad. can add up very quickly


Yeah, and why not help an educator get a passive income from helping others? This endless clocking in and out is making me dizzy.


you could actually make a "request/responde" approach. People could ask for content in a specific area and some other people could "get the request" and work on the problem.. some people from ur side would review the delivered result and pay accordingly (up-front and/or passively)


Hey that's a really good idea


I'll have to think about how to actually make this happen, but I think we're on to something


something like "push your gist and get paid for it" ^^


Maybe I can make it open source and have the clojure overlords help 😄


yeah that's a great tag line!


@iagwanderson! you're awesome dude! 😄

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needs a good name...


a lot of moving parts 😅 but it can be done


look, I thought this could have be done in some other domain


wow! that's clever. and yes, this could be moved to many domains.


and maybe community-voted, rather than having me read javascript all day xD


so... challenges, and one-on-ones.. and voting... some sort of chat and messaging...


I thought more like a "forum" with some queues to open-requests and paid-requests... the forum pages are previous answered requests


@U3ES97LAC you could borrow some far idea from libgen ( where they provide content that otherwise would be behind a paywall


codegen maybe ^^


thanks so much for your help... these are such cool projects i never heard of them


like an open issue tracker and then "solved" or something like that.. yeah that's smart


for a mvp is not too much work ^^ (yea, always is too much work rsrs)


I really like the structure of


really clean, simple and intuitive


unlock the knowledge! yeah an MVP would be pretty straightforward except for the screen recording and stuff, but I guess other software can do that.


just need a place to collate it.


Yeah because I was reading on reddit, somebody wanted a clojure mentor, and it's not easy to get one, but if there's a lot of basic info it'd be great to have it online for everybody to learn from... I think people in general enjoy sharing info and knowledge, it's just that there is not a point with enough Access/Availability to make it happen cleanly. Maybe I'll just pilfer the design of clojureverse


feel free to dm me with news 😃 I have to go now, need to read a paper about Simulating Machines in Clojure ^^


yc is waiting for you 😃


Nice, I just got a domain for it.


I tried to smash code with biblioteka (library) and ended up with "codeteka"


since I want it to be a library of useful sessions


well I guess I gotta make a splash page...


So yeah I want to open-source this GIST 4 CASH


"just gist into cash" xD


Hmm a way to request new topics, and maybe people can put a "bounty" on them like on StackOverflow only it'll be actual cash that you get... the results are always available for free online to people...


ah, I was writing into the thread above..

Daniel Tan01:10:54

probably works in china, where there’s some easy and cheap payment method


Is there an equivalent to (let [{:keys [a b] :as opts} x] ,,,) in javascript? I'm aware of let {a, b,} = {a: 10, b: 20, c: 30, d: 40} , but rest excludes and b.

Lennart Buit08:10:12

If you want to keep the entire opts, you’ll have to do it in two statements

const opts = ...;
const { a, b } = opts;

Lennart Buit08:10:57

So; no, no syntax for that, as far as I’m aware


let { a, b } = opts = {a: 1, b: 2}

Lennart Buit08:10:06

Ah yeah, that works ^^.


I can’t find reason why it is working in ecmascript specification though. So I’m not sure is it implementation specific or just coincidence or my lack of js understanding (or all of them together)


Hmm, OK. Thanks. I guess let { a, b } = opts = {a: 1, b: 2} wouldn't be possible as a function input.

const f = ({a, b}) => a + b;
Time to appreciate that Clojure has a consitent model for destructuring ...


On that note, one thing that I am missing from javascript is:



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Lennart Buit09:10:10

I also sometimes really like that it removes keys it destructured. I just wished that JS could shed its legacy, there are parts of it that are pretty nice, its just … quirky because of its legacy


Is there a transit library for go(lang)?


Awesome. Any reason this isn't listed on the transit-format page @alexmiller?


I'm particularly interesting (de)serializing bytes Clojure <-> Go. Hope that is supported in this lib.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)11:10:00

it was not done as a Cognitect project but as a side project by Russ, iiuc


Does anyone know something that generates frontends from model definitions, something like scaffolding from CakePHP or django.contrib.admin