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Meredith Mende17:10:29

Cross post from #jobs: Hi all!  Gooten is hiring Clojure engineers- we're a fully remote, global organization with folks in Serbia, the US, Canada, and LATAM. We prefer hiring in these areas but are open to discussions with people just about anywhere; unfortunately we're not capable of hiring anyone in the APAC region at this time but are hoping this will change in the near future. Great people, great culture, and our average employee tenure is ~3 years, with some people in the company coming up on 5 and 6 year anniversaries. We were also recently Apply here!


I'm not looking myself, but sounds like a neat thing to work on!

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how “near” is near future for APAC? 😄

Meredith Mende17:10:57

hopefully within the next year! 🤞:skin-tone-3:

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