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@yogthos: I think your decision to just stick with only reagent (at least for now) is a sound one, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on selmer. Right now there's no way to not include it if you add the +cljs option, but I feel like there should be. Personally I've always taken selmer out and just used hiccup, since it's more familiar and more clojure'ish, if that makes sense. Most SPAs probably don't need a templating library anyway.


Like I said, it is possible to switch to hiccup yourself, but it is actually quite a bit of work, and I guess it just feels wrong to do work to get to a simpler solution, or at least to one with less dependencies, less libraries, less new stuff to learn and think about


Yeah I typically don’t end up using selmer myself either. The main reason it’s there is for beginner familiarity, but once you’re using reagent it does make more sense to have hiccup on the server. It would probably make sense to have a +hiccup profile, and have an alternate layout namespace that uses it. Should be fairly straight forward I think.