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Hi folks, it looks like this channel is not active this year… By chance, if anyone sees this, is anyone using macos? I have tried and I’m getting blotchy results in both iterm and terminal. Any help running liquid on macos would be most appreciated.


Hi @U1CANQ9U2 I am not using macros much. I just tried evaluating a macro, and it did not cause any problems. Can you describe more detailed what you do and what happens. Maybe with some code example?


sorry, MacOs, not clojure macros :)


Ah. I see 🙂 I do not have a Mac. Sorry. I might get one within a couple of month. That should allow me to better support MacOS.


It worked perfectly for me in linux, but I wonder if there is some well-known difference with MacOS terminal emulation (I tried two: http://Terminal.App and iTerm). I’ll look into this and report back if I find anything usefull.


Great. Thank you.


There is also a MacOS port of X11 with xterm that I will perhaps try in the interim.

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Just an FYI: I found a good open source terminal emulator for MacOs with Apache License:


Liquid runs nicely in this.


Great 🙂 That is good to know! I will still investigate the default terminals, when I get my hands on a Mac.