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Hi everybody! I'm happy to share the latest version of FlowStorm, a Clojure and ClojureScript debugger. FlowStorm 2.2.59 supports ClojureScript! support is still limited compared to Clojure but you can still trace the execution of any form at the repl. For ClojureScript instructions check Cheers!

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I can't seem to find a way from cljc-java-time to and from dates. Need to have a way to do that otherwise i can't really seamlessly replace moment in one go


various, but generally via epoch millis. e.g. demo roundtrip

(require '[ :as i])

cljs.user=> (-> (js/Date.) (.getTime) (i/of-epoch-milli) (i/to-epoch-milli) (js/Date.))
#inst "2022-06-07T05:47:09.249-00:00"


js-joda does have extra fns to do this, see but I'm not sure they add much, and above example is basically cross platform