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hi, has anyone used reitit to handle custom methods as described here: if I have something like:

(def routes
  [["/foo/{name}" :foo]
   ["/foo/{name}:custom" :foo-custom-verb]
   ["/foo/{name}/bar/{subname}" :foo-bar]])

(router routes {:syntax :bracket})
I get an exception at router creation:
{:terminators (":custom" "/bar/"), :path "/foo/{name}"}
{:type :reitit.trie/multiple-terminators,
 :data {:terminators (":custom" "/bar/"), :path "/foo/{name}"}, ...

Ferdinand Beyer13:06:18

Sorry for my now deleted reply 🙂 Looks like your routes contain conflicts, as /foo/bar:custom could match /foo/{name} with name = "bar:custom" and /foo/{name}:custom. Try conflict resolution: