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Did you see the issue on just the bare skeleton, or did it only happen when you added a second component?


I would definitely try to rm -rf node_modules && yarn install and try again as well.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle15:06:47

I've done a couple of other things as well, like adding a newer version of react-native-tcp-socket (, and making some changes to styling. I've tried removing node_modules and running yarn install, and it seems to remove the error, but I then had problems with Metro/REPL not picking up changes. I was able to get everything to work again by reinstalling the REPL dependencies (`clj -M -m cljs.main -co "{:deps-cmd \"yarn\"}" --install-deps`), but that is quite cumbersome, and it appears I get the mentioned error again if I add another JS component.


I believe when you do that reinstalling REPL deps step, it’s actually going to overwrite your upgraded react-native-tcp-socket version, along with possibly your react-native version, so I would double-check that.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle15:06:24

Yeah, it does, so I also did upgrade that specific library afterwards.


I’m not surprised about the error itself, but more surprised that you have it working, then you add a component, and then it fails.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle15:06:04

(Before I tried adding another component, that is.)

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle15:06:36

Oh, btw, I had trouble installing Watchman when setting up RN, so I skipped that. I'm quite new to RN, so I'm not sure how crucial it is.


Oh, that might be an issue. Watchman is what the bundler uses to detect new changes and include them in the build. It might not be picking up your new component.

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If you have a working project and add a component to it, can you try quitting everything, then running yarn run-android and clj -M -m krell.main -co build.edn -c -r again?

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle16:06:47

Ah, I forgot to rename the component this time. 1 sec.


Hm, one thing you should definitely change is that you’re nesting a Text component inside another Text

Lars Kristian Maron Telle16:06:24

I'll fix that too, and check.

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle16:06:07

I guess trying to get Watchman set up would be a nice next step. Also, I could try making changes in another editor. I've had some issues with Emacs and temporary files in the past.

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What does target/krell_npm_deps.js look like?

Lars Kristian Maron Telle16:06:51

module.exports = {
  krellNpmDeps: {
    "../js/Welcome.js": require('../js/Welcome.js'),
    "../js/Component.js": require('../js/Component.js')  }


Ok, so it looks like Krell is properly picking up your JS

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle17:06:28

I just tried making changes in VS Code. It didn't affect the issue.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle17:06:07

I'll try getting Watchman up an running sometime later.

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle19:06:42

I've installed Watchman, and tried again, but unfortunately the issue is still there. 😞


@U9CU2PQPM Good news, bad news. I checked out the latest version of your repo and it ran fine for me:

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I’m on macOS, so it’s very possible there’s some OS-level difference here.

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Actually, I will say, it may be worth checking out your “broken” repo into a new directory and trying to run it from there. I once solved a bundler issue by doing that even after all the cache-clearing instructions failed.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle10:06:11

Alright, I'll try that.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle13:06:21

Bah, cloning into a new directory didn't solve it. I guess it's the OS then, or my previous history with mucking about with this install.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle19:06:44

Thanks for all your input, though, Josh! 🙂


No problem! Sorry it's not working. Let me know if you give it another shot and want a hand.

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