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Any reason why leiningen wouldn't merge the map on profiles.clj? I have on project.clj defined

:profiles {:profiles/dev {}
           :project/dev {}
           :dev [project/dev profiles/dev]}
Then on profiles.clj
{:profiles/dev {:test "Test"}}
but the value is not available when using the dev profile, and just doing lein with-profiles dev pprint the content of profiles/dev is empty I tried to add a :user key on profiles.clj, so I could see the warning and confirm that in fact reads the file (which it does). So not sure why reads the file but then fails to merge the map.


Nope, it seems I misunderstood how the information gets created/parsed. I can see the entries as part of the outer map on pprint, For some reason I though they would appear inside the profiles entry.