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This is a weird question but I have certain HTML chunks I would like to be able to turn into flash cards for my users of an education system Let's say I set up my code so that there's

<div class='question'>
  <div class='question-front'> Landed here in 1969 </div>
  <div class='question-back'>The moon.</div>
so .question is the whole bit, and there are 2 sub bits: .question-front and .question-back Is there a way to make a rum program that will automatically inject a new div in front of those that looks like a [ + ] so people could "add it to their flashcards" ? thinking it out loud is helpful ^.^ I'm just not sure exactly how to arrange the code. For example, a user might have it as a flashcard already, in which case the [ + ] should be something else to indicate it's a card already.