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Shantanu Kumar10:04:29

Hello. Is it possible to specify a hook (via :hooks in project.clj) for a 3rd party plugin? Example: I want to activate a hook foo ahead of running a plugin

Shantanu Kumar11:04:12

I guess I found out the answer, I need to create the file .lein-classpath with the task-source directory name as the content

Shantanu Kumar14:04:13

Another question: How can I use hooks (by specifying :hooks in project.clj) defined in a Leiningen artifact (JAR)? How do I pull those dependencies for use by Leiningen to activate the hooks?


I have a lein project.clj with a repo in :repositories configured with :creds :gpg. I have an GPG encrypted credentials.clj.gpg file stored under my ~/.lein profiles dir. This works. The problem I have is that I’m being prompted in the terminal for my GPG passphrase every time Leiningen needs to access this file, e.g. lein deps, lein install, lein repl, etc. I have tried setting up an gpg agent daemon via eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)", but I am still having Leiningen repeatedly request for my passphrase. I have looked online, but haven’t been able to find an answer. Any suggestions from anyone here?