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Speaking about clj-refactor, in a .cljs file, I cannot extract a function, I got cljr--maybe-rethrow-error: Only .clj files are supported! any idea ?


As error message says, only clojure files are supported. I think (hope) it's a work in progress to implement support for ClojureScript


AFAIK it supports cljs and cljc and I saw it working in a lambdaisland video


@romain Yeah, I saw it too, but it didn't work for me. I talked to plexus about this and he responded with following: > I think it might have worked with an older version of clj-refactor. I met up with one of the maintainers recently and he mentioned they used to have an analyzer for cljs, but it's not maintained and so they had to drop it, which means certain operations can't be supported


subscribed - thank you 😉