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hi guys, is there any macro to convert current clojure function to datomic function ? And btw, is it the right way to use datomic function as migration function ?


What is the best way to pull last nth entities (`order by some/field desc`)?


@isaac With a typical schema & query, you have to query for all entities of that type and sort them in the Peer. If you need to do this kind of operation frequently, it may be more efficient to create a dedicated attribute with "time" in reverse order. Then you can use d/index-range to scan for the latest.


Are there any examples i can use for inspiration regarding using multiple databases? I have one type of entity which I know will exceed 10BN datoms and I imagine I'll have to be adding databases and transactors maybe once every 6 months to a year. I frequently google the topic but always seem to come up blank for an example or ideas on how to model your application.


@jdkealy This tends to be specific to each use case. I recommend contacting Cognitect for support and recommendations.


hmm yeah i don't really have budget to hire the big guns


ahhh cool not bad