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Hello! I have recently started working with lein-figwheel and wanted to know how people generally use it with a server backend. I usually start with client and server sub-projects. Now my client is running lein-figwheel. How can I set it up so that I can continue to use cljs repl and am able to access the server. One option is ring-handler but for that I will have to add a dependency of server into the client's project.clj which I don’t want to do. Also, I am using component library and am not sure how I can use that with the ring-handler. Another option can be to use figwheel-sidecar but again that would add a dependency.


@tawus Chestnut was just updated, it may have some ideas that you can use. I ended up just splitting my project into 2, one for CLJ and one for CLJS, so can't rally help you.


Thanks @shaun-mahood. I will take a look into that. Well, if it works better, I find no reason not to put both client and server into a single project.


So chestnut uses ring-handler and because the server and client are in the same project, no dependencies are needed. right ?


hi, is there a community this is the way to do it for building css with figwheel? i can't seem to find any examples using the google. (should i be using garden? gaka? cssgen?) can figwheel watch-and-reload those files like it can the css files?


afaik figwheel just watches for changes in the compiled product and loads them into the page


ok, so if i were to use one of those projects to generate a css file, that's outside of the purview of figwheel altogether?


just set :css-path in your figwheel config


to the path of the compiled product


and figwheel will watch for changes


ok, cool, thanks